R. Kelly’s Urban Opera

Amy pulled me in this evening to witness R. Kelly’s latest masterpiece, the Urban Opera: Trapped in the Closet. I don’t know much about R. Kelly, but I know enough now that I won’t be listening to anything further from him. Then again, the comedic entertainment factor of his opera was great enough that I may watch the five-part dump again. I might have missed something the first time – my bad-english comprehension isn’t what it could be. The mini-series covers five parts of a song, which isn’t really a song at all so much as it’s R’s stream-of-conciousness put to music. R explains that the film is a real edge-of-your-seat saga. It’s supposed to draw dynamics between the characters in a way to confuse the auidience and leave them anxious for the next part. He also mentioned something about leaving the audience with a question in the end. From what I saw in the films, R. is a little too likely to bust a cap in your ass for no particular reason other than his confusion. He’s also a hypocrite, as are all the people mixed up in affairs (men and women). I also learned that cops in Rapperville wear their bulletproof vests on the outside of their dress shirts and they can smoke while writing you a ticket. Maybe they can smoke, but that doesn’t really seem right. So maybe prison hooch screwed R.’s head up a little. He thinks the film is great and has committed a great deal of effort into its development. Word is that he’s working on another one – possibly the continued saga of “Trapper in the Closet.”