Musings for the week of 2009-01-05

  • Kids’ countdown to the new year at noon at Ink in Gainesville. #
  • Happy New Year! We’re out of here and heading to the beach in the later A.M. #
  • I was just singing along to a song using my bass voice. My wife said it sounded like a burp! #
  • New Year’s Day is nearly over. We made it to the beach in time for dinner and look forward to some post-holiday vacationing! #
  • Heading to the beach on a warm-ish January day! #
  • Just ate an *immense* amount of food at McGuire’s in Pensacola. #
  • Mama Mia! The ladies picked the movie tonight… #
  • Just got back into town. Having real Internet access again is like a sip of really good coffee after a camping trip! #

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