Heritage Family Library

The Heritage Family Library sent me the Young Peoples’ Atlas in the mail recently. This is one of those books that they ask for money in order to put your name in them, thereby granting you some imagined fame. It infuriates me that they’ve sent a product to my doorstep, telling me nothing about it, and expecting money should I open it. I was wise enough to leave it untouched, but my problem is procrastination. The book lay on my kitchen table for 30 days before I finally received word from Heritage Family Library that I need to pay or send it back. Only there is no real information on how to send it back. I found out that the company is actually a subsidiary of Southwestern Company, a well known yearbook/annual publisher. I’ve contacted them for the information I need to return the book – I’ll post it for the world to access once I’ve received it.

Thank you so much, everyone, for your observations and experiences with this company. They’re getting a lot of flack by the looks of these comments, and I love it! Here’s the summary for those that don’t want to read the now lengthy set of comments:

1) Write “REFUSED” on the unopened carton and stick it in your mailbox or return it to the Post Office.


2) Call one of these two numbers: 800-451-5002 or 800-829-5538, to request return materials and/or the removal of your name from their future offers.

Regardless of the method you choose (I chose a mix of number 1 and 2), you should call the company to request your name be removed from their customer list.