Missed Scandinavian Fest [again]

For the 13 years now, I’ve missed Atlanta’s very own Scandinavian Festival. The problem is that it’s hosted on one day of the year and I always seem to discover that day after the fact. This year, I was prepared all week. Well, mostly prepared. I had planned on going, though I didn’t bother to see the times or days of the event. I had assumed that the festival would be taking place all weekend, but I was mistaken. It’s a 1-day event at Oglethorpe University. This year, it was on the 13th of October. This time next, this post will remind me of this fact and this entry might actually be about the Scandinavian Festival instead of about how I missed it. If any of readers plan on going, let’s help each other remember to check the dates in advance.

Atlanta Scandinavian Festival