Hide and Seek

Sometimes a new song is played and you instantly fall in love with it.  It could be that it’s a great emotional swelling in your body, or just something so groovy that you can’t keep still while you listen.  Other times, it might be a contextual reference that gives the song a special relativity.

Imogen Heap created the song “Hide and Seek” in 2005, though I heard it for the first time some months ago.  When I did, it grabbed my attention and pulled me in.  I only got to hear a piece of it and never got the name.  Last night, on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Katee danced her solo to the end of that song and credit was given.  I’m so happy to have found “Hide and Seek” again.  The song rings in my ears even as I wake up to another song from the alarm clock.  I’ve played it countless times already and can’t seem to wrap up in it to satiation.  I don’t know how popular the song is, but my wife isn’t a fan.  Balthazar, who’s critical ear for music is far beyond his 5 years, is merely respectful of the song.

It would be difficult to pick a favorite song, and that’s why MP3 players have playlists.  I can’t name any song my favorite, though Imogen Heap’s composition certainly has my attention at the moment.  If I look back at some songs that pulled me in a similar fashion, the list looks like this:

  • Madonna – The Power of Goodbye
  • Nina Gordon – Tonight and the Rest of My Life
  • Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

I could have also mentioned “Arco Arena” by Cake, but it’s so categorically different from these other three that I threw it out.  There are probably dozens more that I could mention, but those three I just listed rang true for me at this moment.  I’m actually guessing that’s the case because I’ve been listening to “Hide and Seek” and the three are very similar in mood.  It’s also true however, that I dig songs that are sad or melancholy.

What are you digging lately and could you name two other songs that pulled you in a similar way?